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Author, Biker, Dreamer, Hopeless Romantic, Rebel, Loyal Friend, BBQer, Cynic, Idealist, Dog Mentor, Lover of the Written Word, and Eccentric Oddball.

See The World Through The Eyes of a Madman!!

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Dutch Van Alstin

The Life Behind Bars Book Series

The Life Behind Bars Books Series started as a belief that morphed into a philosophy that then transitioned into a fiction series.

An avid reader will appreciate the story, the tone, the theme, and the pace despite any link—or lack thereof—to motorcycles. My writing appeals to a cross-section of people. Just as one not need be a lawyer, a CIA agent, a detective, or any other classification of genre to appreciate a book, my books also have that broad appreciation.


Each book is about a differing motorcycle club that operates in the state of Florida. Between the pages you will see and appreciate that the characters feel pain. They feel sorrow. They feel love. They feel joy. Sometimes all of those come out as anger, but the point is that their humanity comes alive in the words on the pages.

My books are not about violence, sex, drugs, frivolity/humor, etc. Yes, it includes all that because that is reality. But the underlying theme of everything I write is about the humanity aspect of people.

"A MASTERPIECE! FIVE STARS!!! This is a fascinating story about life, love, family, honor, loyalty, and brotherhood as seen through the eyes of members of Demons Rising, an outlaw motorcycle club.”

Joyce Mochrie


“The book is well written and totally engrossing. I highly recommend this book to all. Dutch you are an amazing person and storyteller. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series.”

Nancy Hornsby

“WOW!!! What a book, got it today, started reading and it's hard to put down!! I believe this is a book of truth and respect for those of us who have seen the true road we ride. Very impressed Dutch. You're quite an author. ”


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