All Events through the remainder of the year are CANCELLED

Due to some health concerns that have not modified, I have to reluctantly cancel. The Christmas season is every entrepreneur’s busy season, and it pains me to say this, but I have no realistic choice. This includes—but not limited to—my trademark Saturday breakfast ‘dates’ that I have grown to relish.


PLEASE Take Note of the Following:


  1. All rides will be contained to about 100 miles round trip for the most part. As many of you know, Christmas time is my favorite riding season, so I make these limitations with great sorrow.

  2. This does NOT mean I won’t be out at venues at times, and I strongly encourage any of you to walk up to me and say hello. Far too many times I will get a message on this web site stating something to the effect of, “I saw you at [such and such], but you looked busy, and I didn’t want to bother you….” Please note I am indebted to those who think enough of a complete stranger (in a literal sense) to want to meet him. I am emboldened, empowered, and motivated by those impromptu introductions. Please keep them coming. I promise it is the opposite of “bothering” me. Without people like you, I would be still begging on the street corners for whiskey.

  3. This respite will NOT change the release of Black River: The Story of the Broken Comedian. To the multitude of people who preordered, I am sorry I began that process too early, and I have not forgotten you.

  4. RE-introduce yourself to my new Facebook which is linked to this web site. As many of you know I had a crackpot stalker that was so bad that I had to start a new page and I went from over 6,000 followers to starting all over again.

  5. I WILL STILL BE PLAYING SANTA AT "EVERYDAY BLESSINGS" CHILDREN'S HOME!!! This is a private West Coast Florida Riders Event and not open to the public.

Thank you for all you for me. I love every one of you unconditionally.