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"A MASTERPIECE! FIVE STARS!!! This is a fascinating story about life, love, family, honor, loyalty, and brotherhood as seen through the eyes of members of Demons Rising, an outlaw motorcycle club. Solomon, the founder of the club, is feisty, quick-tempered, and demanding, but his love of the club and its members—his “brothers”—never wavers. Digger, who has been riding motorcycles since he was eleven years old, becomes disillusioned with life, love, and family and moves from Indiana to Tampa Bay, where he hopes to find solutions to things he feels are missing from his life. He meets Solomon, joins his motorcycle club, and they have a lot of heart-to-heart talks, with Digger learning many life lessons from Solomon and, most importantly, realizing that he is finally “home.” The camaraderie and love these “brothers” have for one another is both heartwarming and undeniable. This is a superbly written story with well-developed, complex characters, great pacing, and realistic dialogue. The author has done a very credible job of lending realism and insights into life and human nature. This novel is pure genius, and I highly recommend that you place it at the top of your

must-read list. Bravo!"

Joyce Mochrie

“I finished the book last night. I cried. I was not ready for it to be done….that last chapter was indeed hard packed!”

Tina Cicotti

"I "borrowed" this book from my roommate and I am so glad I did. I couldn't put it down. In the book I would be described as a 'citizen' and that's just fine lol. I am familiar with many of the local landmarks in the book. The book is well written and totally engrossing. I highly recommend this book to all. Dutch you are an amazing person and storyteller. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series."

Nancy Hornsby

"Raw and unapologetic, Demons Rising grips you at the onset and doesn’t let up on the throttle. Dutch Van Alstin allows a rare and true peek into the world of the 1% Motorcycle Clubs and a sense of freedom as boundless as the skies beneath the open highways. Dutch paints the picture of the bonds that exist between “brothers of the patch”—love, murder, sacrifice, revenge, and loyalty.

A masterful piece from the poet philosopher of the open road, Van Alstin delivers on all cylinders."

Joe Crance

“I enjoyed the book. I particularly enjoyed the little chapter synopsis about each character's childhood/background. [T]hose small details kept me engaged and I looked forward to each. I thought [Dutch] had a very natural, easy writing style; very polished and mature.”

Tara Schulze

“WOW!!! What a book, got it today, started reading and it's hard to put down!! I believe this is a book of truth and respect for those of us who have seen the true road we ride. Very impressed Dutch. You're quite an author, so far the book has told a lot about the world we live in! GREAT STUFF love it! Thanks Dutch!


"Dutch Van Alstin draws from a broadly-resourced, generational palette of Americana to introduce us to the tight-knit and uniquely imperfect family that is the Demons Rising MC. He then peels back the layers of citizen-based bias to guide us to an understanding that our very traditional values are unexpectedly alive and well in their all-too-often dismissed and misunderstood counterculture. In "Demons Rising, The Story of The Wayward Scout", Dutch takes us on a white-knuckled ride with the Demons Rising MC to reassure us that family values do still exist, and are personified faithfully from Prospect to Full patch, whether you like it or not!”

Roger Hickcok

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