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Black River Soft Cover

Meet Oscar Bakker. He was “almost a someone once.” Oscar is referring to the fact that he left his economically depressed hometown of Rochester, New York for Hollywood in 1977 after dropping out of high school to pursue a dream. Oscar was on the verge of becoming a successful comedian and rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite. But his lust for cocaine, and his impulsive and self-centered behaviors derailed his boyhood aspirations and he traded Tinsel Town for rehabs and prison stints. Oscar’s Hollywood days included a toxic presence disguised as love via the graceless and troublesome southern beauty, Annabelle Foster. Their decades long and never-ending relationship is replete with sporadic dalliances that only cemented their codependency.


After his career crashed, and his life followed suit, Oscar went to a local saloon one night hoping to score some coke. What he found was a local motorcycle club just coming from their brother’s funeral. Oscar sat and listened to their words and the talk of the open road, freedom, and brotherhood and by night’s end, he had fallen idealistically in love with the whole concept. Feeling an epiphany had taken hold, Oscar spent his remaining cash on a used motorcycle and travelled around the country for the next year.


He landed in Okeechobee, Florida where he meets Michael (Ghost) Wright founder and president of the one-percenter MC Black River. Ghost is a strong and stoic leader of the club who always has their best interest at heart. The Wright clan are pariahs of Okeechobee County due to Ghost’s father committing a brazen and cowardly murder for which he was executed in 1965. Ghost and Oscar’s friendship grows quickly and eventually he invites this broken comedian to join Black River MC. Despite their closeness, both Ghost and Oscar hide secrets from one another that cannot stay buried indefinitely. But only one of their secrets can destroy Black River forever. In a true test of sacrifice and brotherhood, both realize the right choice doesn’t always end in true Hollywood fashion. 

Black River Soft Cover

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