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Rebellious Youth Hard Cover

Jump on for this white-knuckle-ride psychological thriller and crawl inside the brain of an inscrutable madman. John (Elf) Elfman whirls you through his clouded realm steeped in anger and resentment for the world at large. His undying loyalty to Rebellious Youth MC is challenged constantly by the founder and president, Charles (Chuck) Force. They are constantly battling to undermine one another by searching for secrets they both hide. Chuck attempts to keep the club that he founded at age 19 back in 1968 under the fed’s radar, but Elf’s impulsive behavior collides with Chuck’s desire. Elf’s ol’ lady is Carol Dafranco, the daughter of a major icon in the biker world. She stands by Elf’s side through his chaotic and spiteful ways . . . until she doesn’t! The ending is something you will not see coming! Is Elf a crazed psychopath, or is he a misunderstood man with ghosts that haunt him? You decide!


Rebellious Youth: The Story of the Lost Child

Rebellious Youth Hard Cover

SKU: 003
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